International Stud-Book Committee

This international organisation recognizes the stud-books for thoroughbreds.

The mission of the International Stud Book Committee is to establish standards of Stud Book operation that will ensure the integrity and future development of the Thoroughbred breed and provide the foundation necessary for a healthy international Thoroughbred industry.

To accomplish this mission, the Committee will:

  • establish standards for:

    - operating and maintaining a Thoroughbred Stud Book,
    - breeding and identification of Thoroughbred horses,
    - the movement of Thoroughbreds between Stud Book Authorities.

  • Review the procedures used by emerging Stud Book Authorities in the registration of Thoroughbreds; to ensure that those procedures meet the established standards.
  • Establish standards for reporting of information on Thoroughbred breeding, including:

    - Publication of foal crop information
    - Sharing of pedigree information

  • Make recommendations to Stud Book Authorities on how technology can be applied to benefit the breed and its management.