Horse Data Exchange Hub

Today when you have to register a foreign horse (as imported, for competition, as imported semen…) in your database, you have to type data from the passport. It takes a lot of time; some databases registered more than 10 000 imported horses a year. There are still risks to make mistakes on the horse name, date of birth, colour, pedigree… 

The hub developed and promoted by the WBFSH is a tool to facilitate the exchanges of data between central, stud book, federation databases, though XML files which can be easily exploited.

Every partner in this project be able to manage accesses’authorizations to its database. 

The hub provides a restricted list of available databases according their UELN code.

Each partner has an history of connections to its database to control activity.

In a first time, horse data and pedigree are available. In the future, more webservices could be added for more data shared.

To exchange data, your database has to be compatible with the webservices technologies.

To participate in data exchanges, the database manager has to sign the ‘data exchange chart’, in order to respect the code of ethics of the project. 

This chart is sent when a partner asks for a login/password and has to be returned signed to the UELN webmaster to get an access, and will receive all technical documents. At present, the access is restricted to the WBFSH's members.

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Reference tables

You will find here, the reference tables for sex and colour.

If you want to participate to data exchange, you have to integrate these reference tables in your database and make the connection with your own tables.