UELN presentation

Please find here the presentation about the UELN done the 16th of November during Equitana at Melbourne.

UELN presentation

Equitana 16th of November, Melbourne

Industry heads from throughout the equine sector may already be aware of this system of equine numbering, used in Europe and abroad since 1999 and obligatory in Europe since 2009. The system has been working well and this is your invitation to learn about it and what it can offer the equine sector here in Australia. This may assist to bring us in line with international protocols, as well as supporting our industry here with numbers and tracking of horses, for our Biosecurity needs and disease controls etc

A lecture about the UELN, the importance of horse registration, what is the difference between UELN and microchip? Horse data exchange... and others subjects will be dispense during Equitana in Melbourne, the 16th of November.

In order to help us to prepare properly this presentation, we would ask you to answer a short questionnaire at : soorvey.com

If you have any question about the organisation of the lecture, please contact : ueln-australia(at)bigpond.com

If you have any question about the UELN, issues or anything else around identification, please contact : contact(at)ueln.net

Thank you