What is the UELN ?

UELN means "Universal Equine Life Number".

It is a project of a common language between all the organizations registering horses (stud-books, federations, ...). They all have their own independent system of identification for their horses. That makes the exchanges of data quite hard.

A major advantage of the UELN is that the registration's number in the stud-book of birth is not modified but is included in the UELN. So the databases managers don't have to modify all their registration system: they just have to create the UELN thanks to original number of the horse.

The aim is to ensure that each horse in the world can be identified with one UELN. For example, when an organization needs information about a stallion registered in another country, the UELN will allow this organization to find easily data about this specific stallion simply by filling in its UELN in the "data exchange" part of the website.